Speaking - TOEFL® Speaking Questions & Answers

Speaking - TOEFL® Speaking Questions & Answers

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✓✓✓ New TOEFL® Format (2020)

TOEFL® Speaking app make it easy to improve TOEFL® Speaking Score for its users who aiming for 26+ in TOEFL® speaking. This application has many Speaking sample tests for TOEFL®, from where users can practice, record, share and get idea from sample answers.

☆ Task 1, 2, 3, 4 are covered.
☆ Big collection of questions and sample answers.
☆ TOEFL® Speaking Rubrics (scoring evaluation)
☆ TOEFL® Speaking Tips
☆ Record Your Voice
☆ Share Your Voice

👍 TOEFL® Speaking helps you to:
✓ Practice with a recorder and a countdown timer that gives you the taste of real examination
✓ Be familiar with the test format
✓ Get Ideas and learn from sample answers
✓ Practice a wide range of topics and all types of independent and integrated questions
✓ Use offline and free contents

Download now and start your preparation for TOEFL® today!
Our team wishes you success in the preparation and taking TOEFL® exam!

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