SIM Contacts

SIM Contacts

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SIM Contacts lets you easily & efficiently manage SIM card contacts.

App contains list of SIM contacts and allows you to perform actions like Call, SMS, Edit, Delete, Copy to Device.
App allows you to import multiple contacts from device to SIM card and SIM card to device.
It allows you to delete multiple contacts of SIM card.

- Add multiple contacts from device to SIM.
- Add multiple contacts from SIM to device.
- Delete multiple contacts of SIM.
- Manually add new SIM contact.
- Make call.
- Send SMS.
- Edit contact.
- Delete contact.
- View contact history.
- Search from contacts.
- T9 Dialer screen.

- INTERNET this permission is required for showing ads to support the developers.
- READ_CONTACTS this permission is required to read contacts.
- WRITE_CONTACTS this permission is required to edit or delete contacts.
- CALL_PHONE this permission is required to make phone call for selected number.

You can reach out to the developers via email at We would be glad to have your suggestions and feedback so that we can improve SIM Contacts and serve you better.