Phone speaker (speaker Farsi)

Phone speaker (speaker Farsi)

Version 101
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Phone talking (talking Farsi)

we are working with this firmware is the lowest consumption in all fields and at the same time is most efficiently.
We update this software, and we will have many long-term plans.


Connect with Internet

In any case the note off with a loud voice announces.

Declared a state of internal memory

If the internal memory is full and loudly declared to be in critical condition.

With battery level

Confirm the battery level at a distance of ten Drsd.drkhvast the user to recharge the battery to separate Gvshy.gvsh filling out the charger.

Announced hours

Announces each hour

Hello and Goodbye to User

Install or update the phone with applications and monitoring programs that are installed on your corner



Two types disable embedded in the program

1.ghyr overall active (in this case Nrmafzarhm monitoring is interrupted)

2.ghyr enable the hours of rest and do not want to sound Mykhahyd Bshnvyd.albth monitoring program will not be cut

It should be noted that now the software is a woman speaker. Speaks with themes of love and friendship

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