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Police Wireless

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Police Wireless

By this police wireless you can experience talking with military wireless's in a group.

    You can install this app on multiple smartphone and with a wifi modem or even without modem and via phone hotspot connected them and enjoy talking wireless with your friends.

    The wireless signal range depends on your wifi modem signal streangth or if you use phone hotspot it will depends on you smart phone wifi streangth.

    Able to connect and speak as a group.


    Beautiful and different user interface.

    Connect easly devices to each other.

    The use of noises to make this app as a real police wireless.

    Ability to disable the wireless noise for normal conversation there.

    You can change the frequency of the sound at the receiver (change the sound of the front side).

    If the sound quality setting is identical on both sides,it alters the sound receiver.

    Support for Persian and English languages.

    Compatibility with smart phones with Android version 3.0 and above.

The new version features   

    Ability to use wifi modem of smart phone hotspot to connect devices.
    Improved talking as group.
    Changed settings page to customize the application more.
    Improved system group creating and wifi connecting.
    Changed application icon.

Features the next versions

    Video call capability.
    Improved sound quality for normal conversation.
    Allows simultaneous two-way chat.
    Improved user interface.

    Police wireless has a internal comprehensive guide page.

    If you have questions or problems in use the app you can find me in telegram messenger with with id : @g.ecs3d

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