Wireless video Pro

Wireless video Pro

Version 1.0.0
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✔ Did your neighbor get video calling and audio you want to have a chat and SMS without internet or a scammer?

✔ You're like very simply and effortlessly in a matter of seconds you are working with other floors of the building, wireless audio and video have?

✔ You're like a pair of wireless walkie-talkie to recall childhood with lots of new features have fun and really sit down with him?

✔ hours together voice and video calls and chat together, without being connected to the Internet and to pay.With this app uses Bluetooth (Bluetooth), wireless modem (WiFi) and WiFi Direct (WiFi Direct) together and start video calling and audio chat on your page.Note that the program must be installed on both phones.Depending on your phone's range is 25 meters and up to 80 meters in an open environment can communicate with each other.

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