Last Empire-War Z

Category Strategy
Active Installs 10,000+
Size 118.2 MB
Version 1.0.206
Offers IAP purchases


Dead Walkers roam the streets. Cruel enemies destroy your city and steal your resources. The entire world has fallen into darkness. Join players from around the globe and fight back! Train your own Zombie Army to fight with your soldiers! Develop your city and join together with Allies to slaughter zombies and crush your human enemies. You'll have to be smart, tough and courageous to survive. Do you have what it takes to be the strongest commander?

Last Empire - War Z is a zombie-themed free-to-play mobile strategy game. Players battle zombies and other survivors to build and grow their city and their empire. Join and alliance and team up with friends from around the world to fight enemies, defend against zombies and participate in events. Take part in brutal battles, or focus on gathering the resources you need to support your troops and grow your city. The life or death of your city is in your hands. The strategy you use to survive is up to you!

Game Features
*Free-to-play social strategy game
*View battles in the world map in real time, and chat and team with alliance members worldwide
*Battle zombies and other survivors to expand your city. Choose a survival strategy that fits your personality!
*Zombie Troops: Train deadly Zombie Troops to destroy your enemies. They are especially powerful attacking or defending cities.
*Recruit Officers - hero characters - with unique skills and abilities. 
*Varied Skill Trees allow players to develop heroes to fit their play styles. 
*Frequent in-game events give constant challenges and offer great rewards.
*Alliance activities, buildings and technology encourage players to work together to achieve powerful bonuses
*Be a hero or a villain. Fight zombies, or battle other survivors. Play solo, or join a powerful alliance. Join the struggle to survive the end of the world. How you survive is up to you!

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1.2nd Base optimization
(1)2nd base units can be used for summit duel
(2) Officer stats bonus in the tactical development base will be shown in the officer interface

2.All Purpose Factory Queue adjustment
(1) All purpose factories now has their own queues
(2) All purpose factory waiting queue count is the same with the number of All purpose factories built
(3) Adjustments to the items crafting duration and count


  • com.longtech.lastwars.cafebazaar.permission.C2D_MESSAGE
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • Camera
  • find accounts on the device
  • add or remove accounts
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • access Google web-based services
  • run at startup
  • use accounts on the device
  • control vibration
  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • view network connections
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • full Internet access
  • read phone status and identity
  • payment through Bazaar

In Media

ترس،هیجان،لذت با آخرین امپراطوری

در این پست قصد معرفی بازی هیجان انگیز آخرین امپراطوری را داریم. در سال ۱۹۳۲ فیلم”White Zombie” از ویکتور هالپرین که اغلب به عنوان اولین فیلم زامبی شناخته می شود چشمه ای جدید دردنیای فیلم ترسناک و موجودات افسانه ای به وجود آورد تا اینکه درسال ۱۹۶۸ ، فیلم “Night of the Living Dead” ساخته ی جورج.اِی.رومِرو که از فیلم مهمترین فیلم ها در زمینه ی زامبی هاست دنیای سینمای ترسناک را دگرگون کرد؛ چون جورج رومِرو با این فیلم زامبی ها را به سینما گران دنیای سینمای مدرن معرفی کرد یا بهتر است بگوییم با موفقیت فیلمش وجود زامبی ها را به سینماگران یاد آوری کرد.حال با ذره بین باشید تا یکی از بهترین بازی های زامبی به نام آخرین امپراطوری را با هم تجربه کنید.