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Easy call

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Easy call

Calling Sven is offered to you as you wish
       Make them happy with a simple Android handset for older parents.
        The mere existence of a phone will not make them happy
         We will help you complete your gift by installing an easy calling app.

       This app is designed to ease the contact of fathers and mothers who have the ability
        Do not work with Android. In an easy touch, tried
        The images of children and relatives are great in the app
        Include and scroll down to all contacts
        Are visible. Use the program guide section
        Make simple settings for easy use.


How to use easy calling

    First, in the information storage section of the item
        Take a look at the image from the gallery and phone camera
        enter. Be sure to write the number in the row, for example
        Start from one. 1 second and 2 for the next number
        Your contacts will be listed in order of priority
        Touch when you touch one of the contacts
        Updates and removals appear.

        Then go to Sven and call
        Use the crosshairs or tick and for easy use
        Get ready for the program. If the sign above the contact page is crossed
        When you start the program, you first go to the edit section and if the check mark is green
        The call is as active as possible, and when you start the program directly, you will enter the contact area and will be contacted by the touch of a vowel of the image placed for the desired contact.

    By purchasing a simple Android phone and making these settings easy
        And creating the app icons on the front page of the handset, and with the help of a simple one-time guide you can use it
        Make it easy for your parents from Android phones and make them happy.

In summary, the owner of the phone saves the contacts in order to place an image of their loved ones, whether children or relatives of the first degree, or by touching one second of the pictures in the program's easy contact.

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