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Featuring exquisite collection mentioned , prayers, invocations and for physical and mental health , and family.
Quran , praying in different directions, it is necessary to know that the plan :
1 - prayers and good reason to reach Fyvzat ELAHIYEH world and the hereafter.
And fireproof Rbkm Advny Astjb Lkm the Alzyn Ystkbrvn shit Devotional Sydkhlvn Dakhryn hell . ( 3 )
And God said:
Call me a pure heart, that I have answered your prayers , and I pray and pray that they tend to Hell , humiliated , and force and humiliation .
2 - Prayer of the job opening and saving of time and grief and suffering knows.

Abi Abdullah Imam smelt excrement : fireproof Prophet Muhammad PBUH : Alda’ weapons and light -Din al-Momen and perpendicular Alsmavat and earth .
Imam Sadiq said: The Prophet (PBUH) said : pray and light weapons, pious and religious pillars of the heavens Vzmyn .

The program includes topics such as :
Healing and Treatment cited
Prayer of Healing and Therapy
Healing and healing the Koran
Blessings of healing and therapy
Khtvmat and recitals
 Moral advice and Health & ...
And ...
Is that every part, including a collection of issues is exquisite .
All references listed in each section and you specified.
Among the features are :
1 - includes a variety of topics including : healing and therapy mentioned - to pray for healing and therapy - healing and treating the Qur'an - with the blessings of healing and therapy - Khtvmat and recitals - moral advice and Health & ...
2 - includes a list of references
3 - Ability to post items as Email, Copy , and ...
4 - Ability to search in each section RealTime ( real-time )
5 - No need to Persian and Persian instruments with the ability to change the font and font size of the text .
6 - Ability to select font color for the post .
7 - graphic design and supports HD dpi
8 - runs on Android 2.2 devices and above , including
This program has been tested on the following devices and has worked well :
Ainol Crystal 2 Quad Core
Sony Xperia V
Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia M Dual
sony neo l
Huawei Ascend P6
Huawei G525
Samsung Galaxy S4
Makarem al-Akhlaq
Enough minutiae
Bihar al-Anwar
Just the basics
Spiritual Treasure

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