Darochi - Intelligent Drug  System

Darochi - Intelligent Drug System

Version 1.2.7
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Darochi is a comprehensive drug application developed by Rasa Intelligent Health Management Company that has tried to eliminate all patient problems related to drug use and reminders of drug use.

App Features:

- Unlimited drug reminder registration

- Definition of diverse drug use for up to three months

- Precise drug use reports by day

- Alert drug alert (offline)

- Notification drug alert notification online

- Enable / disable case reminder on a case by case basis

- Access to up-to-date healthcare content

- Using cloud technology to store drug use information

- Ability to delay drug use

- Nice and simple interface

And more ....

Soon, a variety of facilities, such as medical advice and drug information awareness, will be added to the pharmacy facility.

He has also teamed up with the Darochi team to obtain a Certificate of Creative Enterprise from the Vice President of Science.


We hope to help you and your loved ones recover faster.


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