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Hipotrip provides you with all you need for your travel. 

By logging into Hipotrip application at any time of the day or at anywhere you are, you can access a full list of airlines, hotels and travel insurances. By searching for your destination or through your requirements, you can select the most suitable option and do the payment.

By installing the Hipotrip application, you can:

Access the full list of domestic and international flights, hotels and choose among them. 

Obtain travel insurance for your trip.

Pay for your ticket or for the hotel reservation through internet payment gateway (IPG)

Observe hotel and plane tickets and receipts online and receive them in your Email or as an SMS. 

Cancel your tickets immediately in the case of plan changes. 

Hipotrip application features consists of:

Ability to search for domestic and foreign airline tickets and hotels and choose among them

Ability to pay for a ticket or hotel reservation

Ability to sort the search results among ticket flights based on price, travel length and time of take-off or landing of the aircraft

Ability to filter the search results of airline tickets based on ticket price, stopping rate, ticket type (systemic-charter), flight class, time of take-off or landing of the aircraft.

Access to hotels and rooms information

- Ability to view the state of tickets ( purchased, canceled or under review)

- Possibility to print purchased tickets

- Receive tickets purchased by email or via SMS

- Display the transaction history

- Ability to cancel online tickets and hotel reservations

- Access to 24/7 support through our call center

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