Tiger Family Simulator: Jungle Hunting Games

Tiger Family Simulator: Jungle Hunting Games

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Let’s have combo missions in new animal simulator 2019. In this tiger simulator game enjoy a tiger family and tiger city attack with tiger revenge quest. Tiger Family Simulator: Angry Tiger Games is all about clan of wild tiger, tiger fighting and tiger survival in vast jungle in tiger games. In tiger sim choose your white tiger or safari tiger and find mate in to defend your family and clan in tiger simulator which is free RPG online based wild animal simulator game. Start tiger city fighting & attack ferociously on humans, police shooters and army snipers. Your survival will be key to success in tiger city attack game. Start hunting preys as real hunter of safari jungle. Show your hunting and jaw bite skills and make your survival easy in the city with tiger adventure jungle fighting in life of tiger.

White Tiger Family Sim
You can create a family of tigers, fight in open world and perform various tasks in tiger adventure game. Your family can help you in combat and hunting in this tiger vs lion game. There is an opportunity to improve each family member. To do this, it is necessary to hunt and collect food, and then feed the mate and cubs or your partner clan members in tiger games. So play this tiger simulator game and feel the realistic tiger attack with revenge and survival with the help of family in tiger sim. Ultimate tiger family is best of wild animal simulator games. Angry tiger hunt animal will keep you enjoying wild tiger family simulator games touch for tiger fight with lion or wild tiger simulator by angry lion animal hunting in wildlife simulator games.

Tiger Fighting Quests in Jungle
Play as white tiger or typical forest tiger and start attacking on city people, crush everything which comes in your sight in RPG animal simulator. Police vehicles destruction and army tanks destroy things will make this tiger family game remarkable in tiger games. You have ultimate tiger family simulator of baby cub tiger simulator like cheetah family or cougar sim in tiger family sim games or wild tiger simulator. Play tiger games 3d survival or wild tiger vs lion fighting games 2019. Roam around the city and hunt down citizens and equipped police forces who want to kill you with their guns. The roar of a wild tiger is unmatched and signs of a victory and bravery in angry tiger vs human. Play this wild adventure and forget lion and tiger fighting games in which you will play ultimate fighting of lion vs tiger. Leap into a thrilling new adventure as a ferocious wild tiger and hunt ruthlessly in tiger simulator 2019.

Features in Tiger Family Simulator: Angry Tiger Games

• Dual modes of gameplay includes tiger family & tiger city survival.
• Thrilling fighting with animals, predators & city hunting missions with fantastic tiger attack power.
• Awesome life of tiger game with tiger sim.
• Combat with vicious bosses animal like lion, elephants, panther and crocodile.
• City destruction & destroyer by wild tiger.
• Amazing RPG quest and addictive tasks to play.

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