Big Cat Fighting Simulator 2018: Angry Wild Beasts

Big Cat Fighting Simulator 2018: Angry Wild Beasts

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Unleash your inner beast anger and revenge. Feel like a real wild beast, choose your rival beast animal. Be ready to use all your martial art abilities to crush their spirit with your power. Control the wild big cat with all its fury and help to survive by chasing, attacking, fighting and hunting other animals. Select your wild beast character from different safari animals including big cats, tiger & lion. You must fight to protect yourself and opponent beast hunting to get stronger in this wild animal fighting simulator game. Animal fighting challenge will give you experience to level-up of your big cat. Wilderness survival skills are crucial in this massive jungle world. The fighting simulator features perfect & highly advanced weather system including various levels of rainfall and thunder.

Become the ultimate wild fighter, level-up in wilder attack survival game that puts you in the world’s deadliest beasts fighting challenge. Every success on this jungle fights will earn you some points to unlock next levels. Power up your health, revival, strength, injury, resistance and critical strike abilities will become you really big cat fighter animal. Unlock new fight levels and dangerous animals like Siberian tiger, Indochinese tiger, Caspian tiger, albino one, black tiger, or even a saber tooth tiger. You need to fight against enemy beasts to kill them with your trained big cat in fighting simulator game. So, fight madly in the jungle where challenge with wild animals which are the best fighter enemies in jungle fighting competition. You should beat the enemy’s tiger in this big cat fighter’s 3d game. There is a tournament of big cat fighting in an African jungle. Challenge the Russian big cat to a fight and defeat the ferocious wild animal. Control the wild puma or tiger and fight for survival by chasing, attacking, fighting and killing other wild cats. Attack and defeat any opponent that comes in your way.

You need to select and play as trained angry big cat with the enemy’s beast and defeat in the jungle fighting ground. You’re the best player and playing this angry mountain king lion fighting & Siberian tiger battle game under your best and top trained fighting skills. Mountain saber tooth tiger is waiting for the fight to attack him. But your big cat is king of whole jungle & has a maximum fight power in this wild big cat action and fighting game. There is a tournament of wild beasts fighting in jungle. You have best wild beast to fight with the other jungle fighter breed. Your mission is to fight for your best wildlife with his special mortal combat fighting skills, should be prepared for the deadly fight against enemies. Your kung fu kick fighter has a value in forest. Enjoy wild big cat fighting in a way that you've never actually feel the power in your fists before, hits the hard as you can, get a win and goes to the next round of the tournament of Siberian puma fighting, do not let tiger get in your way.

Big Cat Fighting Simulator 2018: Angry Wild Beasts Game Features:

Ultimate Action Packed Jungle Big Cat Fighting
World Best Wild Big Cat Fighting Games
Choose Your Favorite Wild Beast to Start Fighting
Endless Jungle Animal Fighting & Survival
Face Different Wild Rivals Using Different Fighting Techniques
Exciting Jungle Beast Fighting Tournament and Entertainment
Angry Wild Big Cat Fighting King Is 100% Free To Play
Easy Game Controls in This Addictive Fighting Game

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