Mr GhooGhooli |  Sound of Animals

Mr GhooGhooli | Sound of Animals

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In this application, we have provided a complete collection of animals for your beloved children, along with a collection of attractive children's songs.

Along with:

-Mr ghooghooli Kindergarten includes:

-75 Origami training video (paper animals)

-75 Creativity training video

- 75 painting instruction videos

- 75 manual printing training videos

- 75 sculpture training videos

- An anthology video with high quality and at the same time low volume of any living thing offline

High quality image album for any creature

- Teaching Persian and English with very high quality sound

As well as the game house section includes:

-Balloon game

-Bubble game


-Puzzle game (make a photo)

-Children's piano

-Quiz educational game (guess the word)

-Book of stories and poems

-Memory game

-Child phone

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