Version 1.6
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On any node in the unknown will last for life!
Because this program is made for you

Another want to tie a tie, but it's ever a model? ... Or even just a simple model to many people resort to close the door?
The constant model and Bkhvayy got sick ward wear a tie, but the Another models?
Who want a stylish scarf Model Brigade general and more specific object you Zmstvnyt full face but ...?
Shawls and scarves have been like to be different and more stylish than ever, but ...?

If anyone else had these problems need not worry because this program would solve all the problems involved
The training program includes all visual, "Shoestring Model 16", "12-node overlay", "24 knots for climbing", "25 male and female models scarf" and "17 shawls and scarves model" is.

It is next updated according to your tastes, so if you see any problem with the application please email me to put the problem in the next update, I removed it

With the warm tone of my comments can help build a better program :)

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