AnbardaryDarانبارداری دار

AnbardaryDarانبارداری دار

Version 3.0
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The sales and warehousing (inventory) management plan is designed to meet the needs of all those who need to be precision and orderly in Record affiliate transactions. Due to the small and qualitative expansion of smartphones and increased non-entertainment and functional use, it can be used by all individuals and businesses for personalized management at the earliest time.

Features and Features:

New product registration (name, number, price, number, description)

Sales Report, Exit (Name, Number, Total, Price, Date)

Ability to save XML-formatted report (Microsoft)

Proprietary phone book with call from within the application (name, first name, address, description and edit and delete contacts)

Ability to subscribe (define a new password, register a reminder password to recover a password)

View stock inventory (name, number, price, description)

Persian Calenders

Please read the manual before using the software

Note To increase security, the use of the page signup button is the only first time entry after installation.

In the end, do not deprive us of your criticisms and suggestions to make the advancement of program.

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