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in the name of God

Ashura pilgrimage program "Complete" is a work that can be said dare to say that the Ashura pilgrimage program is fully available to the Shiites. We tried to give Ashura a true pilgrimage to the Shiites in order to benefit from the special rewards and effects of the pilgrimage of Ashura. In addition, we tried to create a beautiful, traditional and comfortable Ashura pilgrimage with special facilities for the comfort of the Shiite Imams.

Special features:

- Ability to synchronize audio and text for all three prayers

- How to read Ashura pilgrimage in full

- Put 2 voices for Ashura pilgrimage with the voice of Professor Farahmand and Master Samavati

- Put the menu on each page of the pilgrimage for the convenience of the user

- Insert internal number for ease of reading. One hundred cries and one hundred greetings

- Putting a beautiful number to count the notes

- Save the number of mentioned sayings

- Ability to change font size

- Ability to display or hide translation

- Save font size and translate and coordinate audio and text until you need to re-change

- Support for Android 4 up

- Attractive and eye-catching graphics

Explaining the pilgrimage of Ashura and why should we complete the pilgrimage of Ashura:

According to Professor Ali Akbar Raefipoor, researcher and researcher in the field of Mahdism, the public does not read the pilgrimage of Ashura right or in full, and expect the effects of the pilgrimage of Ashura. For example, when we vow to read Surah al-Baqarra then we should read it complete rather than let go of half.

The perfect way to read the Ashura pilgrimage into the fully placed software.

The pilgrimage of Ashura, "complete", has not only individual but also social implications:

At the time of the imitation of his time, the deceased Ayatollah Al-Hazi Hajj Sheikh, Abdul Karim Haeri, said: "We were studying in the city of Samarra with the late Grand Ayatullah Mirza Shirazi (d. 1312 Lunar), one day in the middle of our great lesson, Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Fesharaki (dying 1315 Lunar), while he was very anxious and worried, the cause of concern was that contagious cholera was spreading in Iraq and killed many people. Ayat Sayyed Muhammad said: Do you consider me a mujtahid? We said yes, he said: Do you know me? We said yes (he meant that he would issue a verdict after confirmation) then he said: I rule all Shiites of Samarra from woman and man, each of them once visiting the Ashura as the mother of the Imam (AS) To praise the grandmother with his grandfather, Shafi, so that the Imam (pbuh) will intercede before the Great God, so that Almighty Almighty preserves the Samarra Shi'ites from cholera. The late Ayatullah Haeri says that when the decree was issued by the late Ayatullah Seyyed Muhammad Bazaraki, because of the risk of death, all Shiites obeyed, and as a result, a Shia person was not lost in the Samarra, and Allah Almighty condemned the Shiites from this public scandal Rescued.

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