bazi faravani

bazi faravani

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New game app for many

With varied and attractive facilities

Introducing Frequent Game Practice:

The practice is that you have to think about spending some money every day and spending it.

Feel the real money and do exactly what you actually do with that money.

Be sure to spend the money on your account the same day, and if you do not spend the full day, # the game will start from day one. So what are the deposit amounts?

Day One: One Million Tomans

Day Two: Two Million Tomans

Day Three: Three Million Tomans


We don't have to pay debts and savings and so on. Buy just about anything you like. Feel rich and thank God every moment for # your wealth and your # shopping.

App Features:

Display affirmative phrases for each day

Ability to view previous purchases

Ability to view your efforts

View your record and highest records

Sharing results

And ....

If you do not play one day, the game will start from day one and you will have to try again, if you play for the second time you will have to pay to continue. This will give you all the effort and practice every day.

Good luck

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