nezam mohandesy

nezam mohandesy

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Third Grade soft ware; is configured and programmed for Engineering Profession entrance examination.

This software represents functions and solutions for following obstacles :

1. This examination holds three years after graduation; engineers during this three years, either get involved in their jobs or keep up and continue their education, in this case, there is no enough time for getting ready and studying, becoming ready for Engineering Profession Entrance Examination .

2. Obviates the lack of studying time, unability in identifying important subjects, by taking these examinations and getting real correct percent marks; participants know their mastery and knowledge level in examination referred subjects .

3. Identify & define those subjects on which participants have more or less mastery and besides what percentages are earmarked, by these subjects ?

4. This soft simulates the situation circumstances of exam session for exalting unability in time management and represents descriptive answers for each trial examination .

Third Grade Software; has the capability of installation on the most of smart phones and tablets, in this manner, engineers can use their lost time in order to succeeding in these professional examinations .


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