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Version 1.8
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The construction training software has been developed by a team of civil engineers, architects, urban planners, mechanical engineers, computer engineers, Language translators, etc. Thanks to this software and the simple explanations and executive photos it offers you can go through a construction training tour providing you with principles of construction from the very beginning until the very end so that you can go into the construction business.

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_The topics and materials this training course is going to cover are briefly listed below:

Classification of lands with respect to location, lighting, soil type, and title deed

How to obtain construction permit from the municipality

Dilapidated property demolition techniques and tips associated with that

Implementation of construction plans on land plots

Excavation and construction of different retaining structures

Lean concrete works and different types of foundations

Rebar binding


Concrete mix designs, concrete additives, formwork and points that should be taken into account

Installation of column plate and structural grouting in metal frame buildings

Metal and concrete column installation

Different types of structural joints and their applications


Installation of different types of girders and beams in buildings with metal and concrete skeleton

Installation of cross brace, shear wall, moment frame

How to build stairs in metal and concrete skeleton buildings

Different Types of welding, weld defects and weld quality tests

Implementation of all types of concrete slab roofs, beam and block roofs, steel decks, waffle roof, u-boot and cobiax roofs

Wall erection training

Different Types of wall and ways to reinforce walls

How to install metal coping

Reinforcement of elevator skeleton with iron strips and implementation of elevator pit

Sewer piping and installation of ventilators and chimneys

Radiator and Hot and cold water piping

Installation and inspection of water pumps, switches and expansion tanks

Gas piping

Installation of firefighting pipes and systems

Plumbing and electrical wiring

Construction of earth pits

Installation of indoor heating and cooling systems

Pool construction training courses

Implementation of all types of Expanded Metal suspended ceiling, wooden, glass and acoustic Drywall.

Rooftop, ground and parking lot flooring

Ramp implementation

Installation of door and window frames, inspection of doors and windows, and installation of lintels

Jointing of soil plastered walls

Jointing of cement plastered wall

Jointing of whitewashed (plastered) walls

Ceramic flooring and tiling, abrasion of stone and other types of flooring

Hose level application courses

Wall tiling training courses

Courses on implementation of building facade and different types of facade

Wall and staircase floor tiling

Installation of elevator cabin, engine, dashboard, brakes, shoe liner, shock absorbers and weights

Different kitchen decorations, cupboards and golden kitchen triangle

Installation of jackshaft garage door openers, main entrance door, video doorbell and smart building devices

Different Types of surveillance cameras and recording devices

Different Types of wall closets as well as cornice installation methods

Training courses on Building painting and different types of colors

Wallpaper installation training courses

AutoCAD Details and execution plans

Courses on p&id symbols

Construction contracts

Photos of real building facades

Photos of decorations of indoor spaces including living room, bedroom and kitchen

In case you have any question, feel free to contact us via the support team email address presented below.

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سلام. خرید درون برنامه ای چقدره؟ واسه من اومد با ۸۰ درصد تخفیف ۲۰ هزارتومان کارای پرداخت رو میخوام انجام بدم میزنه ۱۹۸۰۰۰ تومان باید بپردازید!؟
برای سازنده گان مفیده اما اینکه در مقدمه گفتید نسبت مشارکت 60به 40 هست این اصلا درست نیست چون درمورد مشارکت درساخت آورده طرف اول زمینش هست که یک قیمتی داره و آورده سازنده هم هزینه های ساخت هست که نسبت به نوع متریال متره میشه و قیمت درمیاد و هرکس به تناسب آورده خودش سهم میبره والبته سازنده 40٪سودببره