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Safe and secure space for medical advice

  • doorteb is an Android application for online medical consulting with functionality.

  • You can consult with therapists and therapists all over Iran any hour of the day, wherever you are.

    Ask your medical questions and answer them in the shortest time and at the least cost, which costs less than half the cost of a doctor's visit.

  • Providing a safe and secure environment for medical consultation and consultation with physicians, nurses, and health professionals.

Quick and easy access to doctors and specialists for online consultation

  • Interpret the test results, ultrasound and medical records by just sending a photo to the target therapist.

    Ability to receive nutrition from a nutrition consultant and support from a counselor when dieting.

    Access to useful and useful articles and health news in the know


General practitioner advice and guidance on the drainage process

Midwifery, obstetrics and gynecology counseling

Nutrition and Diet Counseling

Pharmaceutical advice

Skin, hair and beauty tips

Psychological counseling

Advice and guidelines for nursing and patient care

Our job is to meet the needs you will feel, so join us now .

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