Dictionary Turkish to Persian

Dictionary Turkish to Persian

Version 2.0.4
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Last Update 2019 October 15
Dictionary Turkish to Persian

Dictionary Turkish to Persian

Version 2.0.4
In-app Purchases
Install +10 K
Category Books & Reference
Size 3 MB
Last Update 2019 October 15
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Dictionary Turkish to Persian Download Persian to Turkish Dictionary for your Android phones, This dictionary works on all Android phones version 4.1 and up.

Turkish to Persian Dictionary and Persian to Turkish Dictionary contains 2400 Istanbul Turkish dictionaries

Turkish-Persian dictionary is not only a Turkish-Farsi-Persian-Turkish dictionary with no internet access but also a learning tool.

 You can use this Turkish dictionary app anywhere without the need for internet.


Features of turkish to persian - Offline Dictionary Turkish To Persian Offline Dictionary:

No need for Internet and Offline Dictionary

The most complete offline dictionary in Turkish to Farsi and Farsi-Turkish to 24,000 words

Easy to use, fast and easy to use offline

 Live translate immediately after typing letters

Turkish-Persian Dictionary and Thesaurus (including definitions and examples)

 Supports finding sentences, phrases and related words

Auto Suggest similar words to Turkish in Farsi and vice versa

Persian to Turkish dictionary on a trip

Very small apk app size and easy to install

Various beautiful themes

The dictionary is Turkish to Farsi and vice versa a powerful dictionary containing over thousands of different words and phrases. This dictionary is designed and presented in Turkish and Persian languages

Turkish is one of the languages of the Southwestern branch of the Oguz Group, the Turkish language spoken by 4 million people worldwide as their mother tongue. It is the most common language of the Turkish language branch. Its geography includes Turkey and northern Cyprus and small areas in Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and other parts of Eastern Europe. Many people also migrate annually from Turkey to Western Europe and especially Germany, causing Turkish to speak in those areas. The root of the Turkish language can be found in Central Asia. With the expansion of the Ottoman Empire this language, which was their official language, received many reforms. Ataturk (the first Turkish president), for example, replaced the Ottoman alphabet with a phonetic Latin alphabet in year 3, removing countless Arabic, Persian, and so on words.

Turkish-English dictionary:

As the most important problem in learning Turkish is the limited number of good word cultures, so we have prepared a complete and comprehensive Turkish to Persian dictionary and a Turkish to Persian dictionary for you dear ones, that you can easily use.


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