turkish in travel

turkish in travel

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turkish in travel

turkish in travel

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Free Istanbul Turkish education for Persian speakers and Iranians 💎

Today, many people travel to Turkey for various reasons, and among them there are few people who are fluent in Turkish. That is why Turkish language self-study programs are the best option for those who do not have enough time to go to Turkish language classes.

This useful Turkish phrases for travel program helps you to learn useful Turkish words and phrases in a practical way. With this program, you will learn basic and practical Turkish phrases and words in travel. With this program, when traveling to Turkey, you can explain your meaning to others in different situations you are in and also learn the meaning of others.

❤️ Completely free

need for internet to pronounce Turkish and English words and sentences.

Learn Turkish in a practical way with this program.

of Turkish to Persian and English

Human speech with a real voice

Useful idioms and absolutely necessary words in Turkish

Fast and easy learning of Istanbul Turkish and authentic Turkish

. Ability to search for any Turkish word such as love or Turkish song

Important and practical sentences in traveling to Turkey and Istanbul

Important information on Turkish airport and hotel in Turkey

❤️Sentences and practical words of Turkish language in Turkish stores and shopping and stores

Complete list of Turkish words, terms, verbs and words

2Turkish Turkish to Persian online translator with the ability to recognize your voice

program is suitable for travelers and language learners, students and enthusiasts of Turkish language.

💎Category 💎


🎖Time and date








بدنBody organs

🎖 Work and profession

.....و .....


Essential daily terms

Banking and Finance

and therapeutic

Relationships and dating

Purchase and exchanges


🎖Cafes and restaurants


About 90 million people in the world speak Istanbul Turkish, one of the languages of the southwestern branch or the Oguz group, as their first or second language.

Istanbul Turkish is spoken in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, and parts of Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Iraq, Greece, Albania, and other parts of Eastern Europe.

The Turkish idiom travel program is a useful and useful tool for exploring the streets and scenic areas of Turkish-speaking countries, with which you can communicate verbally with those around you. You can with a little taste. Perseverance by designing a Turkish flash card from the useful words of this program, simply remember the important words of the Turkish language.

Business owners in Turkey, both Iranian and Turkish, can use this application for free to grow their business.

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