Find Spam

Find Spam

Version 3.1
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خود Get rid of spam on your phone

🔮 You will not enter adware channels without permission

🔮 Optimal use of battery packs

🔮 Removing and introducing all apps that are sent to your phone

🔮 Ability to delete and view apps found

🔮 Weekly reminders to scan your phone

🔮 View the completed scan list - History

🔮 View the latest technology news (on the security of mobile phones)

🔨 This program is an application and, through a series of specific filters, finds apps that spam for Android users or do additional work on the user's device, including those for the user. Tasks to send promotional notices and send to promotional channels ...

Other features of this app include the ability to charge faster or make the most of your battery life. When your phone is plugged in, all the steps you have already turned off will be disabled and re-enabled after charging. This will make your mobile phone charge faster, or if your phone has a low battery life, you can use it with this app.

Other features of this program can also be noted in the auto-reminder section. With the option enabled in the Setting section, you can also know every week that you need to scan your phone, and within the program itself, you can get the latest scan done. See with Shamsi's history and malicious programs

One of the other features that you feel should be in the news section. In the news section, you can see and read news technology of the day, so that friends and acquaintances also benefit from the news.
The level of information posted in the program is such that it is interesting to everyone and it is something that has been done for everyone.

💡 This app is getting bigger every day, with more features inside it, and the main goal is to secure the security of Android handsets or make it easier for people to use this technology.

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