Amazing Super Battle

Amazing Super Battle

Version 1.0.0
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Amazing Super Battle - in a new journey through open-world you will become a superhero!
You got a real chance to try yourself as a universe protector. And you don’t even need to graduate any special academy for champions.

This story begins quite usual. You are a journalist, who works as a seeker of hidden secrets. Nothing and nobody will hide from you. Your new task is to interview a famous scientist about superhuman creating experiments. Isn’t it sound like a real sensation? You finally got a fantastic case to discover something new, maybe even about super beasts.

What kind of hidden mystery has this crazy scientist? Discover his secrets. 
Start a superhero adventure now! Deal with terrorists, catch the thief, defeat adversary squad.
You’ve been chosen! Make your superhero costume and save the world.

Amazing Super Battle - what does it mean to be a hero? Let’s find out!

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