Build Block Craft

Build Block Craft

Version 2.0.4
Install +2 K
Category Action
Size 82 MB
Last Update 2024 April 10
Build Block Craft

Build Block Craft

Version 2.0.4
Install +2 K
Category Action
Size 82 MB
Last Update 2024 April 10
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A game made from blocks that you can transform and build into whatever you can imagine.
Use resources to build or go hunt for tools and fight of the danger.
You can explore an infinite, randomly generated world with friends or alone, mining blocks, exploring biomes, and making friends (or enemies) with mobs. You have the freedom to play however you please! Take a creative journey while building and growing your village or exploring a vast open world!

*How to play:
- Use your imagination to build
- Mining for new block resources to create new tools and build
- Defend your base from monsters

* Key Features:
- Engaging construction gameplay: Build diverse structures, from houses to iconic Towers!
- Enjoy life build simulation in this entertaining game.
- Vibrant pixel graphics for a delightful block visual experience.
- Personalize your experience by choosing your character!
- Adopt and play with various animals for added fun!
- Incredible 3D structures building
- Many pets and unlimited exploration, adventure
- Many types of block to custom build
- Build your own tools

Now go play one of the top building games!
Play with your animals! Adopt an elephant, a cat, or a dog! In this building game there are no monsters like in other block games, so you can concentrate on building the greatest structures or exploring the environment.

Play a multiplayer build game and visit your pals co-op and build block to play together.
Get exploring now! You can go see the city your allies (or enemies) have build and assist block in completing its construction. Playing multiplayer is a ton of fun!

* Creation and Commerce:
No mods or launchers needed. Customize blocks, design unique furniture, or fulfill building blueprints. Sell your creations for gems!
Completely free to download. Free to play, Free to build and block

* City-Building Fun:
Immerse yourself in this simulator and build your dream city!

Presented by Senspark Studio.

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