Shadow Hero Rope Amazing Ultimate Fight Adventure

Shadow Hero Rope Amazing Ultimate Fight Adventure

Version 7.0
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Shadow Hero Rope Amazing Ultimate Fight Adventure Fighting game, get rid of the villains Explore a city full of gangs and villains. You are the hope of this city as a hero of justice.

Overthrow your enemies in melee combat Survive the great battle and try to accomplish the mission of justice for this bad city.

Shadow rope hero charges into the crime city for adventures.

The true heroes are born in street fighting, feeling the power and strength of revenge in your hand is the real fighting super hero. It's time for you to be the best in history. Struggle in a super hero fight and and pass through difficult battles, street battles in the opponent's defeat, teach the lessons of the pair of boxers and their Rope Hero.

You have to be the true Hero Ultimate Hero Fight Rope, Fighting Ring and Boxing Ring that is full of terrorists, gangsters, gangsters. Exciting Super Heroes and Monsters, an important opponent!

One of the best free fighting games in the list of fighting games, superhero fighting games, fighting games and boxing fighting games.

In Superhero VS Rope Hero Fighting Arena Revenge, we let you play like a brave fighter and show your boxing and fighting skills.

Amazing Ultimate Rope Shadow Hero Rope Adventure Features:

- Select any of your favorite superhero like
- Put them in a fighting ring or in a monster against superheroes in this fighting game
- Fighting skills and use punch, combo attack or kicks
- Win or Die two rules define with attractive games
- Awesome sound effects and background music to enjoy.

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