Firefighters Fire Rescue Kids

Firefighters Fire Rescue Kids

Version 1.0.18
Install +20 K
Category Kids
Size 45 MB
Last Update 2023 November 13
Firefighters Fire Rescue Kids

Firefighters Fire Rescue Kids

BATOKI - Apps for Toddlers and Kids
Version 1.0.18
Install +20 K
Category Kids
Size 45 MB
Last Update 2023 November 13
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The hottest game for kids is here! Discover the fun Firefighters Fire Rescue Kids game. Step up, get the truck ready, clean it up and head out to save the day and collect all your medals. This firefighter game for children will keep you busy and entertained as you suit up to take on challenging missions to save lives.

Choose the character you like best and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! It’s up to you to save people from harm and use your skills and the cool fire truck to dash around the city and become everyone’s hero.

That’s not all. Take flight in a helicopter and soar above the trees to save people from a fire in the jungle. Remember to spray every burning building and bush with water until all the flames go out.

Discover all-new missions. Choose your favourite uniform. Put on your fireman’s hat and let’s go! But don’t forget to give the fire truck a good clean before you go. And it may also need some repairs. Quick! It’s an emergency! And you’re the only one who can save innocent people’s lives.

How quickly can you put out the fires? How accurate can you be? Move the spray to put out the flames and come to everyone’s rescue. You are the hero of this game. And as you progress, you’ll learn all the cool firefighting techniques you need to become the best in the business.

Get to know all the firefighting equipment and join the firefighting team. Are you up to the daring task of saving lives? This educational game will put your skills and knowledge to the test. Turn on your sirens and ride out in your big red fire truck. Your brain power is needed to win in this educational game.

You’ll love all the twists and turns as you put out fires, save innocent bystanders and get your fire truck ready for action! So, be prepared for a firefighting thrill ride that will keep you entertained while you learn. This game is all about using your brain and skills to be a heroic firefighter. Get focused! Get ready! Get moving! People’s lives are in your hands! Have you got what it takes??

Become a firefighting hero in this fun, exciting and educational game designed for children and families! Take on the role of a firefighter in a small town and spend your day helping people in your fire truck.

Start by picking your favourite character, then hop into your truck and begin exploring the town to discover a number of tasks that need doing. Save people from burning buildings, rescue cats from trees and even lend a hand with clearing roads, so the villagers can get home safely. While performing each mission, you’ll have a ton of fun and learn all about life as a courageous firefighter.

A fun firefighter game for you and your children ! Wash the fire truck !
Perform all the missions and collect all the medals !

Select your favorite character and become an adventurous fireman! Perform all the missions to save all the innocent lives and keep them safe from harm with your amazing skills and your fire truck.

You can also use a helicopter to rescue the people from the jungle fire. Complete the game by spraying water on the fires, don't leave a single one burning.

Drive around in your super cool fire truck – and watch out for obstacles!
Pilot a helicopter and rescue others from forest fires
Different challenging missions
Have fun as you repair and upgrade your vehicle
Select your favorite uniform
wash and repair the fire truck
Be a firefighter and save the city from the emergency
Check your accuracy and speed as you put out the fire
Move side to side and spray water on the flames
Come to the rescue and save the day

Help your kids to learn firefighting equipment and join the firemen task of saving lives in this game.
Play and complete all the fire rescue activities and experience the pride of becoming a firefighter in this educational game

Are you ready to take on the thrilling task of saving lives and fighting fires? Download and play!
Have fun with BATOKI !

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