Firefighters Fire Rescue Kids - Fun Games for Kids

Firefighters Fire Rescue Kids - Fun Games for Kids

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A fun firefighter game for you and your children ! Wash the fire truck !
Perform all the missions and collect all the medals !

Select your favorite character and become an adventurous fireman! Perform all the missions to save all the innocent lives and keep them safe from harm with your amazing skills and your fire truck.

You can also use a helicopter to rescue the people from the jungle fire. Complete the game by spraying water on all the fires, don't leave a single one burning.

Key Features :
Different challenging missions
Select your favorite uniform
wash and repair the fire truck
Be a firefighter and save the city from the emergency
Check your accuracy and speed as you put out the fire
Move side to side and spray water on the flames
Come to the rescue and save the day

Help your kids to learn firefighting equipment and join the firemen task of saving lives in this game.
Play and complete all the fire rescue activities and experience the pride of becoming a firefighter in this educational game

Have fun with BATOKI !

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