Cocobi Little Police - Kids

Cocobi Little Police - Kids

Version ۱.۰.۸
نصب +۵ هزار
Category کودک
Size ۹۱ مگابایت
Last Update ۲ بهمن ۱۴۰۲
Cocobi Little Police - Kids

Cocobi Little Police - Kids

Version ۱.۰.۸
نصب +۵ هزار
Category کودک
Size ۹۱ مگابایت
Last Update ۲ بهمن ۱۴۰۲
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The police station hotline is ringing!
Help the town with the Cocobi police officers, Coco and Lobi!

■ 8 Missions!
-Toy Thief: A thief robbed the toy store! Check the surveillance footage and find the thief
-Bank Robbers: There's a bank robbery! Catch the robbers with the paint gun
-Lost Child: Help! I'm lost! Calm him down and take him home
-Speeding: Watch for fast cars in the child safety zone
-Police Car Wash: Wash the dirty police cars with soap
-Museum Thief: The thief is running away! Chase the thief in a helicopter!
-Suspicious Baggage: Identify dangerous baggages with bombs with the police dog. Arrest the bag owner!
-Find the Thief: Someone broke into the house! Look for clues and check the suspects

■ Cocobi Police Officer Job
-Become a special police officer: Traffic Police, Special Force, Forensic Officer
-Drive the police car!
-Collect stars and get a medal!

■ Rescue and Help Citizens
Catch criminals and help the citizens that are in danger! And help lost children!

■ Help! Officer Cocobi!
People are calling for help. Wear the police uniform and ride the police car!

■ There's a thief the store! Go Cocobi officers! Recover the stolen items from the thief
-Find the Thief: Check the surveillance footage and find the hiding thief
-Arrest the Thieves: Catch the thieves that are running away!
-Prison: Handcuff the criminals and lock them up in jail

■ There's a bank robber! Save the bank!
-Bank Robbers: The robbers are stealing money from the bank. Capture the criminals and protect the bank
-Boss: The boss is stealing money from the vault! Arrest the robber with the paint gun
-Jail: Cuff the robbers and lock them up

■ A child gets lost and comes to the police station. Help the child and send him home safely.
-Care: Take care of the crying child. Comfort the child with chocolate, dolls, chocolate milk, and more
-Find Home Address: Examine the child's fingerprints and find his home
-Drive Home: Take the child to his home. His family is waiting for him.

■ There's a speeding car! Stop cars that drive over the speed limit.
-Speeding Car: Check the cars' speed with the laser speed gun
-Car Chase: A car is running away! Chase after the speeding car and avoid obstacles!
-Jail: Catch the speeding driver. Handcuff and lock the driver up in jail.

■ The police car needs a car wash. Wash the hardworking police cars.
-Car Wash: Wash away the germs on the car. Clean the car with soap and wash it away with water
-Driving Practice: Drive on the road with the clean and shiny car

■ A thief robs the museum! Catch and retrieve the stolen treasure. Chase after the thief!
-Capture the Thief: The thief is running away on the building's rooftops! Run like a superhero and catch the thief!
-Motorcycle Chase: The thief abandons the stolen items and runs away on the motorcycle! Chasing the thief with a helicopter
-Jail: No more stealing! Handcuff and lock up the thief.

■ The police dog is a scent tracking expert. Find suspicious items at the airport.
-Bag Search: Find a suspicious-smelling bags with the police dog! Find the person with the same scent!
-Arrest Criminals: A villain is throwing suspicious objects at the airport! Avoid the dangerous exploding objects and catch the suspect!
-Jail: Arrest the villain and prevent danger

■ Suspicious suspects have been arrested. Investigate the clues at the crime scene to find the real culprit.
-Clue: Find clues of the criminal in the ransacked house. From pieces of clothing, footprints to fingerprints, clues are hidden everywhere!
-Suspect: Find the real thief wth the clues collected from the house., and take a mug shot.

From thieves to bank robbers and children that are lost! The Cocobi police will help and protect the the town.
'Cocobi Little Police' promotes safety awareness and educates children about the job of a police officer!

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