Wedding Management

Wedding Management

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Our wedding is near but we haven’t done anything yet and we don’t know what we are doing...

The choice of Venue, Atelier, Beauty salon and many other things....

We don’t know with this install how we can have the best wedding without any stress.

Don’t worry. Set wedding management application and have the best one.

What’s the wedding management app?

In the wedding budget part, you can enter favorite budget you want to spend, Then you can manage all the costs.

Choice of wedding providers: Including Venues, Atelier, Beauty salon, Bridal dress,... visiting the sample of their businesses accompanied by receiving advance online invoice.

The dowry management: The full list of dowry items to buy and see their costs.

One of the most appealing parts of this app is participation that bride and grooms can get help to do things and be informed that has done by their friends.

To help the ceremony.

People can give different access and inquire about the chat section.

The purpose of the wedding management app is the best wedding without any stress at your service.

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