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Centers in the body's energy centers or chakras which they are known. Sanskrit word chakra means wheel. Chakras are spinning energy centers and the energy body are very important parts. Less important as the physical body, which consists of critical, major and minor chakras and energy body chakras also very small. Major chakras, which are energy centers spinning normally 3 to 4 inches in diameter and members of the physical body and the vital control and power they have. Major chakras are just like power plants that supply vital energy to the vital organs and original. If the plant is not working properly or the patient's vital organs are weak because they operate properly, do not have enough vital energy..

Introduces the main chakras
Each chakra is associated with the introduction of ether bodies
Simple and effective exercises for opening the chakras of body
To free the soul with light and calming music.

foreign examples of this app in playstore costs $ 2.99. because I like science, I want to have it. there Was no cracked of it in Internet that worked., I went to found Persian and English sources . till I could get the total. if translation where not good sorry

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