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Book Summary fatuity

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Book Summary fatuity Javier effect Krmnt

"The fatuity" by Javier Krmnt the translation of Mahmoud conclusion, you fatuity familiar with the history of mankind's most serious diseases. The book explores the phenomenon of ironic language fatuity in the modern world. If for diagnosis and treatment of the problem of human history and the treatment of patients with this disease a practical guide invaluable want to, do not hesitate to read this book.

The author believes dunce, geniuses are smart. Nabghhhayy selfish, Mrdmazar and false confidence. These people with their Mnfttlbyhay eventually harm to themselves and the community. Fatuity is a dunce of a patient's disease.dunce destroy the world.
In the book reads: "More dunce can be aggressive behavior and ethics Qldrmabanhshan recognition. If the bullying and scare others can work to accomplish, trick riding or Angvlk laws and regulations so as to be the result for them. Like all addictions, the problem of denial in fatuity was also important. They do not accept the need to take responsibility for, or at least not to the say and be willing to accept bugs and errors in their work.
Dunce those who think the law in relation to defined and determined, and they have the right to do anything that will Jdabafthayand Tafthhay they are. Fatuity disease obscenity and abuse of others. The problem is that people fatuity treatment usually does not accept dunce, dunce is. If she agreed, he still tends to put the blame for it on the shoulders of others. "

For those who are interested to read this book and have little time the app is recommended.

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