Battle of the Eagles : SkyLine

Battle of the Eagles : SkyLine

Version 1.3.0
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Experience maximum excitement and joy in  The Battle of Eagles .

Experience maximum excitement and joy in  The Battle of Eagles .

You are a professional and experienced pilot who needs to resist the attacks of the enemies and defeat all of them.

Pursuit and escape, dogfight, battles, escape from enemies, and many exciting events are awaiting you.

You must use your intelligence to apply the best practices and strategies to destroy enemies. Everything depends on you. Are you ready to start?

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Features and Benefits

  • Career mode with different stages and missions (new stages will be added in new updates)
  • Unique variety and accurate simulation of fighters with special features
    • Attractive and exciting gameplay
    • New, attractive and fluid graphics
    • Dogfight and tactical battles with invader fighters
    • Various weapons with various capabilities
    • Different and beautiful stages
    • Highly intelligent enemies and exciting battles
    • Battles with ground enemies and rocket-launchers
    • Pilot ranking on a daily, weekly, and general basis
  • Able to be saved on your Google Play account

  • Telegram Channel

    • Telegram Support account
    • Support Email

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