Police VS Thief

Police VS Thief

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Who has never dreamed in his childhood , becoming a police officer ? These proud representatives of the order and a reign of Justice Act. There are several types of police, but only some are very impressive , as the traffic police you incarnate in our new game police car.

As in the video chase disseminated everywhere, you become a police officer chasing thieves across a large bustling city. Your goal is simple in this game of chase , catch the thief by reducing his car to pieces .

Police VS Thief , our running game will offer you an experience like no other! Within a time limit , you must destroy the thief before he escapes . You will thus into him as hard as possible and try to block it in turns. But attention to traffic and pedestrians ! You're a cop and you will not have to hurt civilians or damage to other vehicles.

Like any good detective , you will , in this racing game, anticipate the movements of the thief who will prove relatively clever . With your police car, you can produce accidents and dramatic impact on the way the thief to stop , you can shoot and share with the Replay Video function.

Do not wait ! Download Police VS Thief THE policeman and become you've always dreamed of being !

Strengths of our game of chase :

- 30 levels
- Graphics quality
- A lively town
- Explosions and dramatic impact
- A grip and fast

This set was tested on :
Samsung Galaxy S2 -
- Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy - S4
Samsung Galaxy - S5
- Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
- Google Nexus 4
- Google Nexus July 2012
- Meizu MX 4
- JXD S7300

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