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Skilled Sniper Demo is a first-person shooter game . Your role as an Iranian military guerrilla sniper soldier is destroying the enemy military equipment and obtain confidential information and clearing cities and villages from snipers enemy. The main challenge is to find  camouflaged enemies, aiming and firing.
Enemies are attacks to the towns and villages and killed many defenseless people the rest of the people forced to leave their homes . can you defend from innocent people?
Breathtaking battles: While at every level you become more professional and more experienced , enemy tries more to stop and kill you.
While you dressed in camouflaged uniforms the enemies camouflaged with their surrounding arias too that finding enemy snipers among the trees and buildings and ruins and bridges etc... are very difficult.
In the snowy cities or in scorching desert or in villages fight against sniper soldier enemies.
The game's graphics are very beautiful.You will experience the same quality of graphics in consoles game in your phone . 
If you want to stay alive enough to be the hero of resistance you must skilled to killing  enemies. 
you really dare?Do not underestimate yourself! you must be strong! Take your mind to work and clear the enemies!


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