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Adobe Connect New

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Attend meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms with Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect for Android brings critical meeting capabilities to your mobile device, enabling you to attend meetings directly from your phone or tablet.

This is a brand-new Adobe Connect mobile application entirely rewritten to provide even greater levels of performance and quality. This new application delivers a modern user interface, supports higher resolution camera broadcast, and supports both landscape and portrait viewing. Join either Classic or Standard meetings, including meetings with ‘enhanced audio’ enabled.

This new application does not yet completely replace the original Adobe Connect mobile application. For more information about the different features of the two apps, please see this blog post -

Use your built-in microphone and speakers, a connected headset, or a Bluetooth device such as wireless earbuds to join meeting audio. Or join a telephone conference if included with the meeting. Participate in video conferencing using your device’s cameras. View high quality PowerPoint® presentations or desktop computer screens being shared. Participate in chat, raise your hand, agree/disagree, or let the host know you have stepped away.

• Talk and listen using your microphone and speakers (VoIP) or another device
• View cameras being shared and share your camera if allowed
• View PowerPoint slides being shared
• View screen sharing being shared
• Participate in chat, including selecting colors and private chats
• Change your status: including Raise Hand, Agree / Disagree, and Stepped Away
• Participate in breakout rooms with audio, cameras, and chat
• Support for Single Sign-On requiring two-factor authentication
• As a host, login and promote others

Support for additional meeting activities will be coming soon. This application does not yet support some shared content formats (PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, and GIF). Also not yet supported are Polls, Notes, Whiteboards, Q&A, WebLinks, FileShare, closed captions, and custom pod applications. These activities can be accessed by joining the meeting using a standard mobile browser.

Note: This application is NOT for watching recordings. Adobe Connect recordings can be viewed using a standard mobile browser while online. For offline access - recordings will need to be converted to a video format by the meeting owner and distributed separately.

Requirements: Android 8.0 or higher
Devices supported: phones and tablets
Requires WiFi or a standard 4G/5G mobile connection

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