IELTSAce - Instant IELTS speaking score

IELTSAce - Instant IELTS speaking score

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IELTSAce helps you prepare for the IELTS speaking section. The app contains 50 full length IELTS exam speaking questions and answers. You can listen to each question and record your answer. Once you record your answer, the app immediately estimates your IELTS speaking score.

PRICING: Note that the app let's you try 5 IELTS questions for free and then charges a one time fee of $5 for access to all topics for 1 year.

The IELTS score provided by the app is also available at sentence level. You can click on individual sentences to practice just that sentence. Furthermore, the app automatically identifies the words you do not pronounce properly and shows them under the weak words section.

IELTSAce also includes a vocabulary section that helps you memorize the top ~1000 words you need to master for the IELTS exam.

Last but not the least, IELTSAce gives you feedback on your speaking rate and the number of pauses you take. Also, the app tracks your best, average and worst IELTS speaking score so you can keep track of your progress.