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Hello Tetrisia
You all know the Tetris game. A nostalgic and old-fashioned game that has many fans in all ages.. This is the same game BUT.
More Better
More Beautiful
More Attractive
More Exciting
With unique features
You can play, score and compete with the rest of gamers.

New features:
Before you begin, you can specify the level of difficulty and get more points.
You can buy power items with the stars you collect in the game.
Don't Disappointing when game speed get hard
Each of the power items will help you to easily play the game.

You can clear any of the lines you want.

Or just clear the entire game page and continue safely.

If you need a specific block, you can request that it be placed in the queue.

at the end, if the speed of the game was high for you, you can reduce it and get more points by continuing the game.

We are waiting for your comments and suggestions all Tetrisia.

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