back pain

back pain

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In this program you will learn how to create back pain, how to deal with this problem and prevent it'll be familiar.
Then we'll discuss ways forward and will provide you with exercises to reduce pain and enhance your back muscles.
We hope that this program used to be friends.

** The Honorable doctor's collaboration with Ali Talebi prepared and placed in the hands of your loved ones.
The content of this program include:
The backbone
Causes of Back Pain
Low back pain
Prevention of back pain
The importance of physical activity
What exercise is good for you
Basic training
Strength training
Control activities
Correct sitting position
The lumbar support
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
The basic exercises include:
Bending over backwards
Dogs sleep mode
Press your hands on the ground
Correct posture
Correct sitting position
Pull one knee to chest
Pull both knees into the chest
The strength training include:
Resistance training 1
Resistance training 2
Strength training 3
Strength training 4
Strength training 5
Resistance training 6
Resistance training 7
Resistance training 8
Physical medicine including:
Hand Treatment
Magnet therapy
Shockwave therapy
Laser Treatment
Stretch the spine
Massage Therapy
AND ...
Among the features of this program:
1 . include exercise with image and number of sets that can run in day
2. The causes of back pain include
3. Include the prevention of low back pain.
4. Physical medicine and rehabilitation, including
5. The ability to add content to favorites
6. Find the feature lists
7. The ability to change the text color of your choice without limitations.
8. The ability to change the wallpaper and background and black text in different modes with high contrast.
9. The ability to change the Font type and size.
10. Quite Persian Farsi without having to install any program maker and accessories.
11 supports a variety of display with high resolution HD Xdpi for mobile phones and tablets
AND ...
* Note: This program is suitable for devices with Android 3.0 and above.
This program has been tested on the following devices and nicely replied:
Ainol Crystal
Sony Xperia V
sony neo l
Huawei G610
HTC Desire 610
Samsung Galaxy S4

* Treatment of pain - cervical - spine - sciatica treatment - medical back - back pain prevention - healthy waist - back muscles

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