Muharram and Safar lamentations

Muharram and Safar lamentations

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Muharram praises and laments are suitable for the days of Muharram mourning and mourning.
Who is this Hussein whose world is all crazy ...
Muharram mourning is the mourning and memorial service on the occasion of the killing of Hussein bin Ali and a group of his companions in the Karbala incident. Mourning for Hussein bin Ali and his companions begins on the first day of Muharram and culminates at noon on Ashura.

In the anthology of Muharram and Safar lamentations and zero praises, we have included the Muharram lamentations and laments of various praisers for you, so that you can listen to Muharram lamentations and lamentations at home or in your car, in addition to visiting religious delegations and places. Find data and a spiritual atmosphere.

Features and capabilities of the upcoming program:

Beautiful user interface

High quality songs

Ability to move songs back and forth

Ability to play offline without the need for the Internet

Appropriate volume of the program

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