TV Remote Control(36 types of TVs )

TV Remote Control(36 types of TVs )

Version 1.38
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****** Remote control 36 TV types ******

Are you tired of your TV network plan and do not get bored to move the panel and change the channel?

Is not the sound of the television compatible with Milton and the TV is not close?

Want to record the program you're playing, but do not control the TV?

Do you control Dorton with a low battery and do not work well?

This software is ready to stay up to date with TV everywhere you go, even when you're not on TV.

Change the channel

Stop the sound

Make Internet (depending on TV model)

And every other thing

Even behind the wall !!!

Meanwhile, this app is available on several models of the device and with various versions of Android running and tested on the infrared, if you have any questions with your email address.

Note: This app supports 36 types of TVs

LG - Panasonic - Philips - Sony - Sony - Samsung - Sharp-Tetris - X Vision - Toshiba - Snova-Meg - NEC-Philot-GVC ...

Which is also in the picture of the other models

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