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Keep Seneca in your palm.
Stay connected with the College.
Get info and updates on-the-go including: your courses, timetable, shuttle bus schedule and more.

Courses – enrolled courses this semester and previous semesters.
Timetable – your timetable, with course and instructor details.
Grades – semester final grades, and final grades of previous semesters.
Fees – your tuition balance, payment due date(s) and option to make payment.
Shuttle Bus – up-to-date bus schedule for all campuses.
Exam Schedule – your personal exam schedule.
Bursaries – the status of application(s).
MySeneca – link to the Blackboard App.
Emergency – College Security contact information.
CaféQ - monitors and updates real time lineups from café outlets.
Seneca Navigate Integration - Get directions from your timetable to classroom.

Categories: Education.

Support: For any issues please contact our support at: servicedesk@senecacollege.ca.

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