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"Ibn al alaika or Sarallah Sarh Valvtr Almvtvr"Hussein ibn Ali (AS) alaika • ● ■ ■ ● •On the occasion of the fortieth Abvalshhday plain superior security programming Karbala Presents:"With the fortieth"If a problem for you to travel to the pure land of Karbala along "with the fortieth" your heart and soul into Martyrs Shrine and ALAMDAR Zaynab do.The software tries to divine all your hearts be respected and is not missing.In the following we refer to some of the software features:* Live shrine of Imam Hussein (AS)* Live shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS)* Imam Ali ibn Musa live (s)* Live broadcast Kufa Mosque** Biography of Imam Hussein (AS) and his moral character** Biography of Imam Ali (AS) ...** Biography of Imam Reza (AS) and ...** Biography ALAMDAR (AS) and ...*** Collect pilgrimages to the Imam and audio files without having to download*** Collect famous prayers and audio files in the application*** No need to download audio files*** Text Persian and Arabic prayers*** High quality tape**** Has a user-friendly graphical interface**** Play different view of the honorable shrineAnd more ...●●●●●●Note: The software attempts to powerful servers used to live, if you live sometimes problems with the speed of your Internet Czech.●●●●●●Thanks to the superior security programming

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