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In the name of Allah


Reading of the Quran's Chamber with the pleasant voice of Abdul Basit


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 Abdul Basit Mohammed Abdus Samad in 1927 in the village of "Almzaz·h" One of the functions of Arment in Qena in southern Egypt was born. His father Abdul Samad was one of the teachers in preserving the Holy Qur'an. Abdul Baset, at age 6, went to Al-Quran School in Amritsar. At the age of 10 he was the keeper of the whole Quran.




He went to the 1950s at a ceremony. In that parliament, a close friend of Abdul Baset authorized the authorities to recite him for 10 minutes. Abdul Bassat recited verses from Surah al-Ahzāb, and this revelation of Abdul Basit lasted for 1.5 hours and was very welcomed by the people.




In 1951 Abdul Basht went to Egyptian radio. After migrating to Cairo after gaining the reputation he gained over the course of several months. By joining O'Beau to the radio, people grew up in Egypt to buy radio receivers and spread to most homes.


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