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in the name of God


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The Quran is the Bible of Islam, and it is in the belief of the Muslims that God's words are revealed in the form of a revelation from him by Gibreel to the Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah. Muslims consider the Qur'an as the greatest miracle of Muhammad and the clearest reason for his prophet. The Quran is the main source of revelation in Islam and is in Arabic. The word Quran in the word means "reading" and "reading," and Muslims usually refer to it with titles like "The Holy Qur'an" and "The Holy Qur'an." The Qur'an is divided into 30 divisions and 114 surahs.


The content of the Qur'an emphasizes God's unity and unity. The Quran considers God to be closer to the human body than the vein of his neck, he considers the relationship between man and God to be mediator, and orders man to surrender to God's command. The Qur'an regards the natural phenomena as signs (signs) for God; it recognizes religion and truth, and sees the diversity of religions as the result of diversity in people. The Qur'an also defines the laws and rights in the Islamic society. The Qur'an calls the believers into jihad in the cause of God and calls them for goodness, especially for the sick and the orphans.


Features of the program:


✔ Ability to search Arabic and Arabic 


✔ Possibility to share suras' texts


✔ Possibility to add to the Favorites section 


✔ Ability to resize the font by the user 


✔ Ability to change font type 


✔ Ability to change the color of texts




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