WO Auto Clicker - Auto Tap Pro

WO Auto Clicker - Auto Tap Pro

Version 1.0.85
Install +10 K
Category Education
Size 28 MB
Last Update 2024 July 18
WO Auto Clicker - Auto Tap Pro

WO Auto Clicker - Auto Tap Pro

WoWo Games
Version 1.0.85
Install +10 K
Category Education
Size 28 MB
Last Update 2024 July 18
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More Info

WO Auto Clicker is an automatic clicker that helps you click repeatedly at any location at specified intervals. No root access is required either.
It helps you complete tasks that require repeated tapping or swiping and is suitable for those who want to use
It's perfect for users who click to read newspapers, surf the web, and play games.

Why choose this automatic clicker?

👉It is easy to use
- Our auto clicker has a user-friendly interface that can be used by users of all ages.
- Users can activate automatic clicks with one click.

👉Self-launching application
- Do I need to restart the auto-clicker every time I open the app? In this auto-clicker, you can directly open any application and enable the auto-click function. This saves you time and eliminates cumbersome steps.

👉Support multi-point mode
- Do you find it inconvenient to have only one automatic click point? Try the powerful multi-touch auto-click mode! You can customize the number of touchpoints and clicks based on scenarios and needs. For example, after setting 10 automatic clicks for the first contact point, set 50 automatic clicks for the second contact point.

👉Support setting combination mode
- If the ordinary click mode is no longer enough for you you will not only use the click mode to click a certain point on the screen when using the automatic clicker to play games or complete work. Then try setting up combo click mode. Freely combine clicks, slides, multi-clicks, and long presses to help you achieve your goals!

👉Global timer
- Our auto-clicker will include a global timer that will keep counting while you use it.

👉Set parameters
- This automatic clicker includes a variety of different click and slide modes, all of which support individually setting parameters, such as touch duration and number of repetitions, to adapt to different game scenarios.

👉Anti-detection function
- Are you worried about being detected by the game when using the auto-clicker? Don’t worry, we have specially set up the game's anti-detection function. You can enable this function to avoid detection because after enabling game anti-detection, automatic clicks will be completely random within the interval and range you set.

👉Import/export automation scripts
to save clicker parameter configurations for different usage scenarios, and these configurations support import and export. When you have too many configurations, using the one-click import and export function will greatly improve your experience.

👉Transparent floating window
- When you turn on the auto-click function, the app will generate a transparent floating window for you. The transparency can be adjusted freely, allowing you to easily adjust click settings in the game.

- The app comes with a variety of clickable icons and test themes, which you can switch freely according to your preferences.

- Only supports Android 7.0 and above.
- Requires accessibility services to work.
- No ROOT permission required.

Autoclicker uses the AccessibilityService API to implement the core functionality of the program.
1. Why use AccessibilityService API service?
✓A: The program uses the AccessibilityService API service to implement core functions such as automatic clicks, slides, synchronous clicks, and long presses.
2. Do we collect personal data?
✓Answer: We do not collect any private information through this interface of the AccessibilityService API.

- If you like Auto Clicker, please rate us 5 stars.
- If you have any suggestions or encounter problems during use, please send an email to octopusgames888@gmail.com, thank you for your support!

Install WO Auto Clicker now and you will have Auto Clicker for free.

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