Water Tracker: Water Reminder

Water Tracker: Water Reminder

Version 1.3.1
Install +100
Category Health & Fitness
Size 23 MB
Last Update 2024 February 2
Water Tracker: Water Reminder

Water Tracker: Water Reminder

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Version 1.3.1
Install +100
Category Health & Fitness
Size 23 MB
Last Update 2024 February 2
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Always forget to drink water? Yes, you finally find the right app:
Water Tracker & Reminder is designed to help you NEVER FORGET about drinking anymore. Just simply record your intake, and our smart reminder will take care of the rest.

Huge benefits of drinking water that researchers have proven:
😊 Have a Glowing Skin & Healthy Look
☀️ Clear Your Brain & Brighten Your Mood
🩸 Stabilize Blood Pressure & Pulse
💦 Remove Body Wastes
✨ Speed Up Energy Recovery
🔥 Improve Fatigue & Lose Weight
💪🏻 Resist Joint & Renal Diseases

If you still lack drinking water simply because it's so hard to remember, Water Tracker & Reminder will be your final solution. Smart alarms can be automatically set tailored to your daily routine: right after waking up, before/after meals and before bedtime. You'll never miss it!

What you can get:
🚩 Get professional info on your best water daily intake: tailored to your age, weight, exercise level and weather
💧 Set your personalized daily goal and achieve it!
⏰ Reminded by smart alarms at the right time
👆 Adjust the drinking amount with a simple slide
📈 Get detailed statistics of your drinking records
🌓 Mute at night
✅ Easy to use, neat and straightforward UI

Getting enough water with Water Tracker helps you to:

1️⃣ Boost metabolism and body cleaning
* Help blood circulation
* Carry oxygen and nutrition to your cells faster
* Keep stable blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature
* Clean up body wastes and toxins
* Help cells growth and recovery
* Maintain electrolytes and minerals balance

2️⃣ Make you look beautiful
* Smooth and healthy hair
* Prevent bad breath
* Make skin glowing and healthy

3️⃣ Protect against diseases and damages
* Relieve asthma and allergies
* Better digestion and gastrointestinal function
* Lower the risk of kidney diseases
* Strengthen your immune and cardiovascular system
* Prevents cramps and sprains
* Keep you from constipation

4️⃣ Maximize physical performance
* Speed up your weight loss
* Stay energetic for the whole day
* Maximize your sport performance

5️⃣ Hydrate your body
* Moisturize your skin, mouth, nose and eyes
* Keep a clear brain
* Lubricate and cushion spine and joints
* Improve focus and concentration

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