Police +10

Police +10

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If you're the only people who do not have the patience to traffic and long lines, not backward than others. You can bring the phone up. With this mobile phone at hand can provide a variety of services in police stations +10 to do at home.

Some possibilities of the program:

Service traffic police (traffic)

Military service

Passport Services

As well as many tools and features like:

Of Inquiry

Pay for some services


Smart cards (driver's license, military service completion card, etc.)

Tracking documents submitted

And ...

Traffic police
Select the traffic police can all access the following features.

Call wrong car

Address Parking Boarding

Certification (track, negative score, doctors, examinations, etc.)

Track Fuel cards

Tracking Vehicle card

No switching centers

Driving schools (address malls and required documents)

Certification of non-addiction centers

Call for weather and road

The following services benefit from duty military option.

Inquiry Service License

Inquiry code Sakha

Those subject to recall

The address of the military

Card services (issuing, replica, breaks, etc.)

Tracking documents submitted


Documents required to issue passports

Passport status inquiry

Address passport offices

And the purchase of charge for all operators and pay bills too can do easily with this app ...

good luck...

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