TebyanQuran 3

TebyanQuran 3

Version 4.4
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Among the features of the Tebyan Quran Software is its visual text with the beautiful handwriting of Othman Taha. It can be highlighted. Also it contains a complete translation by the late Ayatollah Meshkini.
It has a search option capable of searching the chapters, parts (juz’), the text, the translation text and also has an option for adding the pages to the list of favorites or My List, and random access.
The software is offered in three versions:
The Tebyan Quran Software 1 (audio-visual): This version is audio-visual, its size is about 150 MB; it functions without any need to connect to the Internet.

The Tebyan Quran Software 2 (visual): This version of the software is visual, with downloadable voice files (voice files of the recitation of the Quran can be downloaded). Its size is about 65 MB. In order to download the voice files, it is necessary to connect to the Internet.

The Tebyan Quran Software 3 (downloadable version): This version, which is now available on this website, offers downloadable audio and visual files. The size of the software is small, but Internet connection is necessary for downloading the files.

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