دعا های صوتی

دعا های صوتی

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The new masterpiece of soft Iron (iron soft) and one of the best apps superior religion only at the price of a gum
Please Read to the end Tvzyhatv
If you've bought an amazing prayer and surely you were satisfied (100%) of the program, we'll be happy and if you did not buy I suggest you buy it.

Dear buyers, Please let us know the problems of the poor seem to have resolved it in the next version Thanks

Unique and comprehensive program that samples are not available in the bar (no door).
It will never lose
The program includes Ziarat, the prayers of blessings as well as instant audio and text, each translator is to pray.
This collection of more than a hundred prayers, pilgrimages Vslvat collection that will surely make you happy and do not regret Azkhrydtan.

  In this software, see:

Modesty prayer text with audio
Hazrat Zahra PBUH birthday
Text Imam Ali chanting System
Text Prayer Imam Ali mosque in Kufa
Kisa Hadith text to speech
Prayer text dictionary with audio
Lqmh prayer text to speech
Arbaeen pilgrimage text to speech
Text holy pilgrimage sites along the tape
Minor prayer text with voice mail
Opening Prayer text with audio
Text Zyartnamh Z·hra’ Fatima (PBUH) with sound
Lyrics Jannat al-Baqi Shrines of Imams (PBUH) with sound
Zyartnamh text Hazrat Abbas (pbuh) with the sound
His Zyartnamh text Roqieh (PBUH) with sound
Text Zyartnamh Imam Hassan (pbuh) with the sound
Hussein Zyartnamh text with audio
Text Zyartnamh Prophet (PBUH & HP) with remote audio
Text pilgrimage heir with sound
Mortal pilgrims text society with noise
Aminollah pilgrimage text with audio
Pilgrimage to Al-Yassin text to speech
Text Ziyarat Ashura with Audio
Ystshyr prayer text to speech
Dua Sabah text to speech
Alajabh quick prayer text with audio
Text Prayer light and sound
Smat prayer text to speech
Text to prayer wailing sound
Mojiri prayer text with audio
Dawn prayer text, along with audio
Text Dua resort with sound
Mshlvl prayer text to speech
Dua Makarem al-Akhlaq text to speech
Text pray for the safety of Imam (AS) with sound
Dua Faraj text to speech
Arafa prayer text, along with audio
Prayer Testament text with audio
Zyartnamh Imam Reza (PBUH) with sound
Dua Abu Hamza Smaly text to speech
Text prayers implore the Imam (Jl deadline Allah Sharif) with sound
Doa Kumail text to speech
Shrat prayer text to speech
Great armor with prayer text to speech
Pray for grief
Pray for Marzdaran
Prayer safe
Prayer during the week (Saturday)
Prayer during the week (Sunday)
Prayer during the week (Monday)
Prayer during the week (Tuesday)
Prayer during the week (Wednesday)
Prayer during the week (Thursday)
Prayer during the week (Friday)
Holy prayer during the week (Saturday)
Holy prayer during the week (Sunday)
Holy prayer during the week (Monday)
Holy prayer during the week (Tuesday)
Holy prayer during the week (Wednesday)
Holy prayer during the week (Thursday)
Holy prayer during the week (Friday)
Prayer Ystshyr
Prayer Adila
Prayer Mbahlh
After the prayer Azzyart
Charismatic Prayer happy Ghadir
The sound of the fittest Allhm Charismatic Prayer
Charismatic Prayer Allhm Rfny with Melody
Torbate prayer Imam Hussein
Verse Cassiopeia
Snmy Dua Qureshi
Prayer Rzyt Bellah
My prayers Laytdy
Prayer Allhm Rzqna success Altah
Prayer or Mmthnh
Prayer of Imam Hussein Ashura
Prayer Bdaznmaz
My prayer is preparing Vtbh
Prayer Imam Imam Sajjad
Azshyfh part Sajadieh
Aman Dua
Prayer Bldalamyn
Divine Prayer Balmyamyn
Prayer before reading the Quran
Prayer Veil
Dua when difficulties
Prayer Ascension
Share prayer lamps
Prayers of the Roman Thaier
Prayer or Mfzy
Prayer Alrhbh
Aziz Hazrat Hussain (pbuh) - The Mourning Ode Persian
Pilgrimage to the Holy Prophet (sawa assured) on Saturday.
Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) happy birthday M. Sedghi
Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) on Sunday wealthy M. Sedgh

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